Friday, August 7, 2009

Up next...The Avengers!

So we seem to be in a bit of a rut here. We've had 11 straight picks that have been either a Marvel or a DC book, not to mention that the last five reviews were either a Superman story or an X-Men story.

The Randomizer is nothing, if not a cruel mistress. I've tried threatening it, bribing it, pleading with it, banishing it...hell, we even used a power ring once! But it picks what it wants, when it wants.

Let's just cross our fingers and hope for a little more variety with today's pick.

...and that pick is Avengers #189 from November 1979, published by Marvel Comics!

All I should probably be upset with the Randomizer for going back to yet another title that we've reviewed previously. With over 1200 different titles in my collection, I thought for sure we'd get a longer run of titles before things started to duplicate like this.

I should be disappointed, but this time I'm ecstatic. Take a look at that cover! We're in for a kickass Hawkeye story!

Yes, that's right, Hawkeye! Not Goliath, not Ronin...please god, no more Ronin!

I must be one of the three people reading comics today who couldn't care any less about the current state of The Avengers. I tried to stick it out for a while, but it's just not what I want in an Avengers title.

So any excuse to read some good Avengers books, and I'm all over it. This time around, we have an issue with my two favorite Avengers in it...Vision and Hawkeye! They were both m.i.a. in the last issue we reviewed here at RL headquarters, so I need to stop writing this so I can get started reading it.

One last thing...I think we need to take a moment to admire the cover. Of course Hawkeye's a badass, but look at how much else they pack in on this one. Five different plot points are all touched upon. It's practically daring us to try to ignore it. I say we check back at the end of the review to see how well each of these questions were answered.

See you in a day or two for the review.

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