Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Up next...SuperPatriot!

So the Randomizer has finally gotten around to seeing the youtube footage of the Iron Man 2 preview from Comic-Con, and it's definitely worth tracking down.

We've gone on record as saying that Mickey Rourke as comic book villain is a brilliant bit of casting, but they've got another one that was even better. Garry Shandling as a pompous, asshole of a U.S. Senator. What a perfect foil for Downey's Tony Stark.

Anyway, back to work. Let's get the next pick out of the longboxes.

...and that pick is SuperPatriot #4 from December 1993, published by Image Comics.

Well it's about time! Today's pick has ended the recent dominance of the big two, as the last twelve books were from either Marvel or DC. I got spoiled with the first month worth of issues, where we had six different publishers in our first seven picks.

No offense meant towards Marvel and DC, but it's fun to shake things up with some of the other publishers out there. Here's hoping that the Randomizer can keep things a little more varied in the coming months.

Back to SuperPatriot, and there's really only one thing to say...Dave Johnson!

I really had no interest in SuperPatriot as a character, but I had just been wowed by the work he did in one of my favorite 90's book that no one remembers...Chain Gang War! I'm glad that I gave it a shot, as I remember this series ended up being a lot of fun.

Since then, I have had to rely on his cover art to tide me over between his all too infrequent interior artwork, with Superman: Red Son being an obvious highlight.

So come on back in a day or two for the review as we relive the heady days of Images first years on the scene.

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