Saturday, August 1, 2009

Up next...Uncanny X-Men!

The Randomizer has been giving me the silent treatment for the last couple of days. It was sidelined for a whole week, and it will not be ignored.

It's not my fault, it was the Randomizer after all, that gave me a 48 page book with three different stories to review!

I gave it my assurances that I wasn't seeing any other random number generating computer programs on the side, so it has agreed to give me one more pick and then we'll see where we go from there.

The next book up for review is The Uncanny X-Men #232 from August 1988 by Marvel Comics!

The Randomizer loves me after all!

Now this pick takes me back.

Entering fanboy mode in 3...2...1...

Things to love about this issue!
  • Mohawk Storm!
  • Wolverine in the brown and tan!
  • Australian outback hideout!
  • Psylocke before she got all ninja and naked!
  • Dazzler!
  • Longshot!
  • No Cyclops = no pouting!
  • Marc Silvestri!
  • Chris Claremont at his most Claremontian!
  • Plot, sub-plots, and just when you think you can't take anymore...more sub-plots!

Things not to love about this issue?

Aside from the Brood...Nothing! This is classic X-Men, baby!

Well, the tail end of classic X-Men anyway.

So what are you doing waiting around? Go read the review already!

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