Thursday, July 16, 2009

Up next...Captain America!

So we here at Random Longbox central have just finished reading (and re-reading...and re-reading) Blackest Night, and that gave the Randomizer an idea on how to get some 80's love happening here.

We will call on the power of the Random Lantern Corps!, you have the ability to instill great randomness. You have been chosen to represent space sector 2814 in the Random Lantern Corps.
All right, now that we have our ring...let's fire this thing up...

The longboxes fall from the skies...
...the randomness grows as all order dies...
...we crave your hits, you may surmise... our random hand -- the 80's shall rise!

So with all of the formalities out of the way, let's see what the next pick is...

The next title up for review is Captain America #339 from Marvel Comics, March 1988!

Well whattayouknow, it worked! The 80's drought has ended!

All hail...Captain America #339?!

I didn't even realize that I owned this issue. The random power ring is truly more powerful than I would have imagined.

I wasn't an avid Cap reader until the original Mark Waid/Ron Garney run (which is still one of my all-time favorite comic book runs). I know I had the Secret Wars II crossover issue, and the book where Steve actually quits, but I think that was probably about it. I have zero recollection of anything about this one, so we're going in cold again.

It's got U.S.Agent on the cover, so I'm guessing that this is from the time period where Steve Rogers quit. For all I know, that could be Steve Rogers in the U.S.Agent suit.

And for some extra added 80's bonus points, it's a Fall of the Mutants Tie-In! Now I know for a fact that I did not buy any tie-ins to this series, so that just deepens the mystery as to where this book came from and how it ended up in my collection.

Oh well, it should be fun either way, as 80's Marvel comics are nothing if not fun. Be back in a day or two and we'll see how it reads 21 years later!

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