Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Up next...Uncanny X-Men...again?!

All right, let's just get down to it.

We had some fun with the X-Men in the late 80's, so let's fire up the old random number generator and see what the next title is.

...and the next book up for review is The Uncanny X-Men #285 from February 1992 and published by Marvel Comics!

Well it had to happen sooner or later, I just didn't think it would happen with two picks in a row. But it has, and The Uncanny X-Men is the first title here at Random Longbox to be picked twice for a review. Knowing my collection, the odds on favorite to take the honor was either a Superman book or an X-Men book. This time, the mutants were just too strong.

So while I'm pleased to see another x-book to review, I just wish that the Randomizer was going in the other direction. Now I would have preferred to go four years back from our last pick, but the Randomizer in it's infinite wisdom has decided to plow four years forward instead.

So where does that put us? Smack dab in the middle of the big relaunch of the X-Titles that took place in the early 90's. That's right, it was a time when Jim Lee ruled the comic book universe. He had already moved on to start adjectiveless X-Men which focused on the Blue X-Men team, leaving Uncanny in the hands of Whilce Portacio to tell that tales of the Gold X-Men team.

So if you've been enjoying the hurly-burly, madcap adventures of X-Men Forever, which has recently been launched by Marvel, make sure you join me in a day or two for my review to get a glimpse of the stories that Chris Claremont is disregarding and maniacally writing over.

My apologies for the lack of variety of late. You'd figure that with totally random review picks, this wouldn't be an issue. Last week was all about Superman, and this week appears to be all about Uncanny X-Men. I shall endeavor to put the finishing touches on this review in short order so that we can get another pick that is hopefully X-Men or Kryptonian free. Although with my luck, we'll get the Amalgalm title The Adventures of the Uncanny Super-Factor-Man of X on Krypton!

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