Saturday, October 24, 2009

Up next...The Vision and the Scarlet Witch

So Halloween is just about a week away, and I'm not usually one of those people who tend to lose their shit when the month of October rolls around in anticipation. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the holiday well enough, but usually no more involved than seeing the occasional, miniaturized Spider-Man or Batman in an ill-fitting costume on my front porch.

One thing that will definitely get you more involved with the festivities is to have a three year old boy. Especially one who is crazy into Star Wars and superheroes. I thought he had decided on being a Clonetrooper this year, but while we were out running errands for Mrs. Random Longbox we had the opportunity to do a Halloween dry run with the only costume left at the nearest drug store we could find...Batman!

Aaahhh, to be a kid again, where all it took was a cape and mask to make your day.

Who am I kidding...give me a cape and a mask and I'll fight the Joker right along with him. Although why do I always have to be Robin? Those pixie boots don't give me near enough arch support.

Anyways, let's fire up the Randomizer to see what the next book for us to review is...

...and that book is The Vision And The Scarlet Witch #5 from February 1986, published by Marvel Comics!

I swear, sometimes I think the Randomizer has gone and developed some sort of artificial intelligence on me while I wasn't looking. Why is that, you ask? The title of this issue is the other's call it...All Hallow's Eve!

That's right, all this talk of Halloween clearly influenced the Randomizer to pick a book that would help us celebrate in style.

See you in a day or two to find out if we've been handed a trick or a treat!

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