Sunday, October 4, 2009

Up next...DC/Marvel: All Access!

Not much of a preamble today, as I'm working for the wife this weekend. I figure I better put a quick post up, while trying to catch the Tivo'd premiere of Stargate Universe. Otherwise, it may be a couple of days before we find out what the next random pick is.

Like I said...busy, busy, busy...

So let's fire up the Randomizer and see what it has in store for us next...

...and that book is DC/Marvel: All Access #1 from December 1996, published jointly by Marvel and DC Comics.

I was just thinking recently that we've had an awful long run of Marvel and DC titles recently. So obviously, it's time for a book filled with both Marvel and DC characters! I swear I have more than just Marvel and DC superhero books, but it looks like a while longer before we get to read one of 'em.

I think we drew the short straw with this pick, in regards to the various crossovers between Marvel and DC in the 90's. The first mini-series was good for the novelty that it was, and some of the Amalgalm one-shots that spun out of it were fun.

This title? I don't remember too much about, other than that I remember being unimpressed. Am I being too harsh? Could be...

Are we in for another diamond in the rough? Anything is possible...

Check back in a day or two for my review and we'll find out (but I think I know what the safe bet is).

And if you haven't checked it out yet, it would appear that Stargate Universe is going to be pretty good.

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