Monday, December 28, 2009

Best Intentions Blogging

So it really was my intention to have a pretty steady stream of blogging done between the holidays. My job was kind enough to give me a week off with no pay, so what better way to waste the hours away than by rambling on the internet, eh?

Santa however, in his infinite wisdom, decided that I needed to do something more constructive with my time off, so he delivered about 4-6" of water into my basement. Needless to say, blogging about comic books has taken a backseat to bailing out the water.

As I type this, I'm about to pack up my office into a portable storage container so we can clean the basement from stem to stern. That means my computer access is going to be limited at best. I still hope to finish the Batman review by the New Year, so hope springs eternal.

It's not bad enough that I'm leaving you empty-handed this week, but so is Diamond Distribution with barely a new comic book to be found on Wednesday. That gives you the perfect opportunity to explore your own longboxes.

That's right, now you too can play the home game of Random Longbox. Visit the fine folks over at and use their handy-dandy widget to pick out a random book from your own collection. Read it, jot down a few notes about what you thought, and e-mail those to me at the address at the top of the page and I'll post some reader reviews to help fill the gap until I'm on dry land again.

So there you go, I've just given you a homework assignment over Christmas break. But when was the last time you got assigned to read a comic book for homework though, so that makes me the cool teacher, right?

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