Thursday, December 3, 2009

Earth 3 Comic Book Day...and The Defenders too!

Welcome aboard for a special Thursday edition of Comic Book Days of Wednesdays Past! Or maybe it's just the Earth-3 version, where everything happens on a Thursday because they are inherently evil.

While we're waiting for my new evil-version goatee to grow in, let's let the randomizer run rampant and pick a couple of random years to see what the kids were reading back then.

First up out of the gate is the year 1999! Oooohhhh, December 1999...was anyone even reading comics back then? Weren't we all stockpiling water and canned goods in our basements, waiting for the computers to take over the world?

Wow, things were worse than I thought. Dogs were lying down with cats! The Y2K apocalypse nigh upon us! The Fantastic Five?!

I'm usually all over alternate histories, diverging futures, and goatee'd doppelgangers, but for some reason I never jumped on board this particular one. Oh well, carry on...

The randomizer has spoken again, and this time we're going back to 1992!

Yep, 1992. A year so extreme, that even the Hulk needed a gun.

Kidding, I kid the Hulk...especially when he's firing a machine gun pistol at you! And is that another, even larger gun in his other hand?

While I start backing out of the room really slowly, let's see what the next random book that we're actually going to review is...

...and that book is The Defenders #51 from September 1977, published by Marvel Comics!

Just the other day, I was looking over the list of issues reviewed on this site and noticed a severe lack of attention paid to the Hulk. The Randomizer must have been reading my mind, as he's now popped up twice on this post alone. Maybe that's why the Hulk was so mad earlier.

I'm looking forward to this one, as probably about 90% off all Hulk issues I've ever read have been written by Peter David. In fact, I don't think I've ever even read a Hulk book from the 70's before. So while this isn't an actual Hulk issue, hopefully it'll be good enough to scratch that gamma-ray irradiated itch. See you in a day or two for the review.

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