Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Up next...The OMAC Project!

After a long and ultimately fruitless effort, the Randomizer has called Al Franken and conceded the race for junior senator from the great state of Minnesota.

Looking at the bright side, that means no more waiting for it to get off the phone with it's lawyers when it's time to pick another comic for me to review.

And just in time too, as we're ready to pick another title.

The next book up for review is The OMAC Project #6 from DC Comics!

This will be the newest comic that we've reviewed so far, and it just barely squeaks in. When I started this blog, that last thing I thought the internet needed was another blog that reviewed new comics. After all, there's already blogs out there who do it a lot better than I probably could.

I decided that I wouldn't review anything released within the last three years. So books with a cover date of January 2006 or newer are ineligible at this time, and this one just barely beats that arbitrary deadline by one month.

As for the content of the actual book itself, this is a good one. I know there are haters out there, but I thoroughly enjoyed Infinite Crisis and all of it's lead-in titles. Yeah, there were flaws...but when you look at everything from Countdown to Infinite Crisis all the way up to the end of 52, it's a hell of a yarn.

How will this one issue hold up outside of the massive continuity bubble that DC had generated at that time? That's a good question...
Read the review here.

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