Monday, July 13, 2009

John Ostrander vs. Glaucoma

I continue to be amazed by how this blog, which at it's heart is all about the randomness of one man's collection, can sometimes not seem very random at all.

As you probably know by now, the next pick up for review is The Spectre (vol. 3) #2, written by John Ostrander.

What you may not know, and you can count me among the uninformed before this afternoon, is that John Ostrander has been battling with glaucoma for many years.

Rich Johnston has just put up a post on Bleeding Cool that explains his history with the disease, as well as with his dealings with insurance companies. As you've probably guessed, they've been less than accomodating with treating his illness.

If you've ever enjoyed any of the comics that he has given us over the years, take a moment out of your day and read the post, or go straight to comix4sight. If you can afford it, you can donate to help cover the cost of the medical procedures that the insurance companies won't.

I don't make any money off of this blog, but I have some money burning a hole in my paypal account that I'm sure he could put to better use. After all, my longboxes won't miss another comic book or two.

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