Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thursday thoughts on Wednesday Comics

So I know that this is a little off topic for the meta-concept of my blog, but I had to put my two cents in on the phenomena that is Wednesday Comics.

I think that DC has finally found the perfect format for reading comics in the bathroom.

By making the stories only one page long, you can make the reading last just as long as you need it to last. Only have a few seconds? Read the Superman page. Need a few minutes, try the Kamandi page. If you're in no rush, read the whole thing!

Second, by printing on newsprint they have taken the danger out of reading books in the can. It's newsprint, so you know it's not going to stay in pristine mint condition. Accept that fact and this way, you can set it down on the edge of the sink or the bathtub and not have to worry about stray puddles of water on the sink warping the pages of your 9.8 condition, slab ready books.

All in all I'm incredibly pleased. Now I just need to find a way to take a tasteful picture of myself reading the book to send to The Source!

...and the actual stories themselves aren't half bad either!


  1. d best thing in US comics! Love Wednesday Comics. format, paper [maybe folding once is enough, but twice is ok] color, art all is superb, just needs more pages and more different genres;;;comedy, manga, westerm sci fi etc...I hate pamphlet monthly comics and never buy them, but this weekly large format beauty is a must.

    Bravo DC and to all those that initiated this.

  2. DC turned me into a weekly comics whore, and I'll buy any weekly title they wanna give me, but it's nice that they finally have a worthy successor to 52 on their hands, as far as quality goes.

    I couldn't be happier 4 weeks in how things are shaping up. Here's hoping they do this every summer.

    I'd love to see some Doom Patrol or Challengers Of The Unknown in this format too!