Monday, July 20, 2009

Up next...Hitman!

So here's the thing...the Randomizer is tired. He's holed up in a hotel in Muncie after waking up at 2am after only sleeping for 2 1/2 hours to begin with.

I can barely get him to muster up the strength to make the next pick, so we better get him into action before he falls asleep.

So let's see what the next title up for review is...

...and that title is Hitman #47 published by DC Comics from March 2000!

Now this is a good series.

Garth Ennis was in his prime at the turn of the century, churning out both Preacher and Hitman. Both were series that played to Ennis' strengths, where he had the perfect partner along for the entire ride. Steve Dillon illustrated Preacher, to much acclaim, and John McCrea drew Hitman.

Man, did he ever draw Hitman. Preacher I remember for the writing, and Hitman I remember for the art. John McCrea doesn't do near enough as he should these days.

I've got my second wind coming back now, so maybe I can read this tonight and get started on the review.

See you in a day or two...

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