Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lazy intro blogging, now with extra-added science content...and the Avengers too!

It's time again for another random trip through my longboxes, but as it is my prerogative to do, I like to hold your attention hostage for a paragraph or two while I elaborate on a non-related comic book item or two.

Today, I'm getting lazy and have just a couple of quick science related items that caught my attention.

  • Your homemade Black Bolt costume is about to get a whole lot more bad-ass.

  • So scientists are just now gearing up to create "true" random numbers? So everything I've been doing over the last ten months has been a sham of pseudo-randomness?!

    My whole blogging worldview has just been upended. Now, where can I get one of these quantum generators?
So why was this lazy blogging?

The enlightened among you may have noticed that both of these news items were brought up on the latest Skeptics' Guide to the Universe podcast. My apologies to the rogues for stealing some of their thunder, but give 'em a listen as they're good people.

And if you like that, you may also want to check out George Hrab and his Geologic Podcast, and Brian Dunning and his Skeptoid Podcast.

So now that I've wandered off track sufficiently enough, let's get back to the business at hand of picking a new book. Take it away Randomizer...

...and that book is The Avengers (Vol. 3) #35 from December 2000, published by Marvel Comics!

So it would appear that Avengers fever is hitting everyone right now, and the Randomizer is no exception with this being the second Avengers book this month that has randomly come up for review. You better be careful Randomizer, or you're likely to get a quantum upgrade.

This time around we're set down right in the middle of Kurt Busiek's awesome run that he put in around the turn of the century. His Avenger's run is definitely one of the high points of Avengers history, but we kinda got a bum deal with this pick.

Not only had George Perez left the title with the previous issue, but this one is also a tie-in to the Maximum Security storyline. I don't remember too much about that particular storyline, other than it had Jerry Ordway on art and Ego, The Living Planet, was somehow a prison colony for the Kree? Maybe? I guess there's one quick way to find out.

On the plus side, we do get to take an advance peek of what John Romita Jr. will be bringing to the Avengers when they get relaunched in June, as he pencils this issue. I didn't remember JRJr doing any significant amount of Avengers work in the past, and it turns out there have been less than a handful of times that he's drawn an Avengers book. You think with three decades of work in the Marvel Bullpen, there would be a few more issues around.

See you in a day or two for the review and we'll enjoy it together.

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