Thursday, April 22, 2010

Things about comics I don't know, and then there's Hawkman

So I fell asleep on the couch last night and didn't have a chance to put the finishing touches on the post that was supposed to show up yesterday, so a day late and a dollar short, here we go...

It's Wednesday Thursday, and also time to pick a new random book to review, but as we are sometimes accustomed to doing let's take a look at Comic Book Days of Wednesdays Past to see what the kids were reading once upon a time.

We've fired up the Randomizer with the years from 1938-2009, so let's see when our first stop is...


We're going way back for this one. Maybe we'll be lucky and get a cool WWII cover to ogle over. So what was on the spinner rack sixty-six years ago?

It's The Blue Beetle #31, with our main hero looking rather perplexed and/or panicked on the cover. Nothing oozes leadership in battle like a puzzled expression on your face.

And I have no idea what "Clips the Nips" means, but with political correctness being what it is, I would imagine I should feel somewhat offended. Best to move on before anyone starts picketing in protest outside of Random Longbox headquarters.

Back to the Randomizer we go, and this time we're off to 1958!

It's The Lone Ranger #120. Now I'm far from the world's greatest (or any sort of) Lone Ranger fan, but here's something else I didn't know...

Who knew that the Lone Ranger was so pissed?

Maybe he's just mad because we're making him go over the fence first? Who knows.

I say we get back to the present post-haste, before he goes all Jonah Hex on us.

So with the Randomizer back focusing on my collection, what is the next book we'll be reading? Take it away Randomizer...

...and that book is Hawkman (Vol. 2) #10 from May 1987, published by DC Comics!

And just as I'm addressing things I don't know about in comics...enter Hawkman, stage right!

So is this Carter Hall? Katar Hol? A Thanagarian? An Earthman?

I honestly have no idea. The only reason that I have this issue, is because it's a very tenuous crossover with Action Comics #588 from the Byrne era. I read it once, and if I remember correctly, Superman only shows up on the last page. Not essentially required reading for Superman fans, but us collectors are nothing if not completists.

So join me in a day or two for the review, and we'll find out together just who this guy is...hopefully.

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  1. Hehe, I own that issue of Hawkman for exactly the same reason. And other than Superman being on a space-ship, I remember nothing at all about it. It's an early post-Crisis Superman book, written by a writer not connected with the then-current creative teams. Wanna bet it's just not gonna read quite right?