Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hey brother, can you spare some dime books?

So one of those things happened to me the other day that makes the collector inside of me giddy.

Sometimes it's lucking into someone's old collection of 70's and 80's Marvel books that fills in a bunch of gaps in your collection! I've been fortunate enough to have that happen about four or five years ago.

Other times it's something less bountiful, but equally pleasing, like opening up a 70's back-issue of The Avengers that you haven't read yet and realizing that it has a George Perez signature on the first page!

This time around it was the former, as my brother gave me his box of old comics on Easter! It turns out that he's paring down things he's been saving for years, and since I'm the "comic book guy" in the family, he was awesome enough to give 'em to me.

I'm not bragging just for the sake of braggin however, as my gain is your gain. This gives us another 170 issues of random comic books to choose from for the blog!

So what was in the aforementioned box of comics?

If you had questions about when this collection was put together, the dot matrix sticker labels on the dividers should answer that question.

Lucky for me, mine and my brother's taste in comic books were somewhat different. Where I was an Avengers nut, he was a Daredevil fan. While I was following the X-Men, he was reading The New Mutants.

So sprinkled in to my collection goes 80 issues of Daredevil ranging from issue #2 all the way up to #229. We also get a solid collection of the first three years of The New Mutants. I also spied a nice copy of Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #27 featuring Frank Miller's first stab at Daredevil.

The big surprise for me, was seeing about 25 old 70's and 80's issues of The Flash, as I had no idea my brother had these. I was just thinking about looking for some of the Trial of the Flash issues at my LCS, and wouldn't you know it...he has some here!

The strangest book, however, goes to the german language version of Texas Rangers #67?! Although I have a spanish language Green Lantern book in my collection, so who am I to judge.

In celebration of the new collection, I'm breaking format for the next random book to review. We're going to randomly pick the next book from the new box before I file them in with my stuff.

So thanks again to my brother, and now on with the show and the next random pick...

...and that book is Daredevil #193 from April 1983, published by Marvel Comics!

I guess we can officially call this Daredevil month here at The Random Longbox. After his guest-starring role in the previous pick, he move's up to the title role in this one. It shouldn't come as a big surprise however, as over half of the collection featured him in some way, shape, or form.

I was actually hoping for one of the early Stan Lee issues so we could add his name to the roster of creators on the right hand side of the blog, but it was not to be as this particular issue is written by Larra Hama and drawn by Klaus Janson.

I know that Frank Miller had just departed a few issues earlier, but above and that, this issue is a blank slate to me. I enjoyed the heck out of Larry Hama's Wolverine run in the 90's, so I'm optimistic that we'll find something to like here.

See you in a day or two for the review.


  1. Getting a box of comics out of the blue like that is great - there's nothing better than digging into it to see what you've got. It's like a treasure chest.

  2. Wow, a yellow-suit Daredevil! That is a find and a half!

  3. It's better than Christmas morning!

    Although now that I've had two such collections drop in my lap over the last five years, I'm going to be real bummed if 2015 rolls around without another. I think I'm getting spoiled.

  4. Now that's a gift good enough to earn a guy a Nobel Prize, if not a free beer!

    Wow - Daredevil and the Flash? Your brother had great taste! Look forward to seeing what you make of them all...