Monday, January 25, 2010

...and the winner is?

It's time to check in real quick and find out the answer to the 2nd edition of everyone's favorite internet gameshow What Did I See While I Was Out Driving Around Last Week?

Click over here for the original post, but here were our choices.
  • Spider-Man swinging on a web waving the American flag
  • Captain America standing tall amidst the rubble of 9-11
  • Superman standing tall with a bald eagle perched on his arm
Well the masses spoke and I had a massive 300% increase in the number of players, so congratulations to everyone who voted as you're all winners in my book.

Alas, the rules and bylaws of the Random Longbox Prize Commission clearly state that there can be only one winner. So what was the correct answer? Let's find out...

That's right, it's Spidey representing the old red, white and blue!

As if that wasn't enough fun, now it's time to announce the winner. We actually had two correct guesses, so way to go two-thirds of our respondents!

Unfortunately, no one was secure enough in their response to leave a forwarding address, so the grand prize of Incredible Hulk #340 goes back in the prize hopper for next time.

Normally at this time, we'd be picking a new random book to review, but there was actually one more story in Marvel Comics Presents #84 that we have to get to first. It's a quick little tale featuring Firestar, Freedom Force, and Mystique. Hopefully I'll be able to take care of that later on today, so stay tuned.

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