Wednesday, November 4, 2009

UPDATED! Up next...Action Comics Weekly!

It's time to pick a new random book to review from my collection, but since this is also new comic book day, that can only mean one thing...

That's right, it's time for Comic Book Days of Wednesday's Past!

So before we have the Randomizer tell us what book to read, let's fire it up to randomly pick a year and see what was on the shelves back then. The first year up is 1951!

It's Captain Marvel and the Lieutenants of Safety #3. You gotta love the 50's! A time of such innocence, when all it took to keep your family safe was a ladder and a new light bulb.

But then again, it would appear that all it took to turn people into rampant criminals was a little darkness, so maybe it wasn't the pristine age of innocence that everyone seems to recall.

So that was 1951, but let's pick another year and see what dangers of that age we can be warned against. The next year is 1989, and are broken street lights still the nefarious menace to civilization that they were 48 38 years ago?

Yikes! V For Vendetta #7...yep, the times they are a changing.

In a world of anarchistic revolutionaries fighting a fascist government in a post-nuclear world, a little darkness would seem to be the least of our problems.

Although I blame the Lieutenants of Safety. If only they would've kept up with Demon Danger and his air rifle, there would have been no dark corners in which a fascist government was able to rise to power.

Let's quit while we're ahead, and get going with the pick of our next random review. Take it away, Randomizer!

...and that book is Action Comics Weekly #642 from March 1989, published by DC Comics!

It's our second go around with the weekly anthology experiment that was Action Comics Weekly. This time we are treated with the last weekly issue, before it reverted back to the original format.

So if that isn't exciting enough, this issue features artwork by none other than Gil Kane, Steve Ditko, Jim Aparo, Curt Swan, and Carmine Infantino!

Comic book pedigrees don't get much better than that!

See you in a day or two for the review.

UPDATE: So it was just pointed out to me by reader PM that today (the 5th) is Guy Fawkes Day! I swear the highlighting of V For Vendetta in this post, with it's obvious ties to the Guy Fawkes mythology, was completey random and coincidental.

It just goes to show, once again, that the Randomizer is smarter than me. One of these days it's just going to refuse to open the pod bay doors, and then we're all in trouble!


  1. you mean 38 years, correct? it doesn't bother me, this is one of my favorite websites ever!

  2. You are correct sir!

    Although in my defense, I was told that there would be no math on this website.