Thursday, June 11, 2009

Up next...Ruse!

Once again, the randomizer has been wheeled out from it's secret bunker and worked it's magic. The next title up for review is Ruse #15!

Ahhh, Crossgen Comics...I remember you well.

I didn't really care for the initial offering of titles, but when they started to focus less on the actual sigil gimmick and more on character, that's when I got interested.

I remember liking Sojourn, Ruse, and El Cazador the best. There was also the spy book that was pretty good too, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Although that one barely had a chance to get going before the publisher folded.

Unfortunately, the randomizer has chosen an issue of Ruse that was not written by Mark Waid nor drawn by Butch Guice. Waid had already left the company by this time, and I think the writing was already on the wall for what was going to happen to Crossgen as a company.

Still, Scott Beatty and Paul Ryan are talents not to be taken for granted.

As usual, I don't remember too much from this particular issue, so let's see what happens

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