Monday, June 15, 2009

Up next...Detective Comics!

The randomizer has just gotten back from Tosche Station after picking up some new power converters, so it's time once again to see what the next pick is.

That issue will be Detective Comics #630!

It's the fifth comic that we're going to review here at The Random Longbox, and the first DC selection.

I'm going into this review almost completely blind, as the relatively generic cover offers no clue as to what waits inside. I'm assuming it's going to be a one-shot, but that's just a guess.

I have no recollection of any specifics about the issue, or the circumstances surrounding it's purchase. To tell you the truth, I had no idea that I was collecting Detective Comics on a semi-regular basis this early in the 90's, as I don't recall becoming anything close to resembling a DC fan until the whole Death of Superman event.

Anyways, let's open it up and start reading...

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