Sunday, June 28, 2009

Up next...Factor X!

So I've been doing this for close to a month now, and I think I'm getting a pretty good feel for what type of books the Randomizer likes.

It doesn't like many books that begin with any letter past F in the alphabet. Of the 8 books that we've reviewed so far, only one of them (Ruse) has been from the latter half of the alphabet.

Secondly, it likes it's Marvel events from the mid 90's and it likes 'em big! All I have to say, is thank god I don't have any of that Clone saga nonsense lurking in my collection.

So what gem is next up on the reviewing block? Let's press the button and find out...

It's Factor X #1 from Marvel Comics!

Let's see, it starts with the letter F...check. It's a Marvel book from the mid 90's, so that means it must be part of an event. According to the cover, we are about to ENTER NOW...THE AGE OF APOCALYPSE!

Your Marvel events don't get much bigger than The Age of Apocalypse, so this one should be fun.

Read the review here.

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