Thursday, June 25, 2009

Up next...Birds of Prey!

Let's all give a hearty welcome back to the Randomizer, who has returned from its sabbatical at the Shrublands Health Clinic. It would appear some time in the country was just what it needed to recalibrate and get back into the thick of things.

Since the wife got the honors last time, I decided to let my three year old son press the button today. So the next title up for review is Birds of Prey #13!

This is a title that I have every issue of, from start to finish. I remember buying the first one-shot and liking it, but for whatever reason, I never got any of the other intermittent one-shots until after the ongoing started.

I don't specifically remember anything about this particular issue, other than the fact that there is a world of difference between the Chuck Dixon Birds of Prey and the Gail Simone Birds of Prey.

Chuck Dixon was the writer for the first 50 issues and Gail Simone for the last 50. There have been a couple of other guest writer stints, and they tried to carry on when Gail left, but the quality of the title really tailed off after that. Who had the better run is up for debate, and that's not really the point I was going for. They were just really different in their tone and content.

I'm looking forward to reading this title, as I haven't read any of the original Chuck Dixon run since they came out. I remember them being a bit more fantastic and super-heroey than the down to earth stories of Gail's run. Specifically I remember a time travel tale with Black Canary fighting dinosaurs, as well as them going up against Darkseid.

It looks like we got one of the Darkseid issues up today, so join me in a couple of days and we'll see how it holds up.

Read the review here.

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