Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Up next...Giant-Size Marvel Triple Action #2

So remember a month or so back, when I had mentioned that there would be some cosmetic changes to the blog coming over the course of the summer?

Well today was supposed to be one of those days, but then DC went and cracked the internet in half with their revelation of a new costume for Wonder Woman. Normally, I'd just shrug and move on, after all, I like to think that the internet is big enough for both the Random Longbox and DC's The Source.

You see, I'm not that good at the old html upgrades so I was going to dress up the blog by instituting a new dress code for me for when I blog. Before this morning's news hit, the new uniform was to be a gold bustier and blue and white bikini knickers. It would've been perfect, as a little cross promotion with Wonder Woman's big renumbering would've added some nice synergy.

Now I'm just going to look foolish sitting around in my blue and white underwear while Wonder Woman is out showing off her stylish new duds.

I did get a chance to read Straczynski's new take on WW while the internet was stitching itself back together, and you know what? I liked it. I'm on board to see where he takes things, and as much as I liked Simone's run, a little shake-up is good for the soul.

I guess that leaves us with just one more bit of business today, and that's to pick a new random book for me to review. Take it away Randomizer...

...and that book is Giant-Size Marvel Triple Action #2 from July 1975, published by Marvel Comics!

The giant, cosmic balancing wheel is working overtime this month, as we just spent the latter half of this month reading and reviewing a monster sized Superman book. Couple that with the fact that we didn't have a single Marvel book pop up all month, and their time was due.

So leave it to the Randomizer to pick another giant-sized book to compensate. I'm not even sure what is in this book, as it's a recent acquisition from the end of last year with the collection that my brother passed on to me. A quick peek between the covers, and it looks like we have a book filled with Silver Age reprints of The Avengers, Daredevil, and Doctor Strange. As an added bonus, they're all written by Stan Lee!

So buckle up, true believers, as we're going to have three in a row from the master of Marvel's monumental machinations of merry myth-making. See you in a day or two for the review.


  1. I think it's a little too early to judge the effect of Wonder Woman's new costume - nothing could make me think that it's permanent, EXCEPT for the possibility that it's made to be spun off into a movie, and if the movie is successful, they may keep the costume.

    I generally don't believe that comics should cater to the movies, but I'll expound upon that in my own blog instead of wasting your space.

    Nice blog - hope you don't mind that I'm gonna link to it!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, as it's always a pleasure to meet another comic book blogger.

    I think the nature of the story that JMS is telling pretty much guarantees that the original costume comes back eventually. After all, it's not like anyone really believed that Superman was going to stay in his electric blue suit forever.

    Interesting point about the movie aspect. I can see them looking to modernize the costume a bit if they ever did, and the full pants idea seems like an easy fix. The jacket? Not so much, but I've been a sucker for that look since Jim Lee put Rogue in it way back when.

  3. CBR has an interesting piece about how the exposure of the skin is actually good for Wonder Woman - traditionally, the more skin one shows, the more powerful, like Silver Surfer and Dr. Manhattan. The pants are really a controversial aspect.

    I'm a sucker for jackets too, and won't complain about it, since I still think Superboy should be in his jacket, but I do think it's impractical for Wonder Woman. Though, again, it probably works in the context of this story.

    Thanks for the backlink!

  4. As with many, my first thought when I saw WW's new duds was "This is for a movie." A star-spangled swimsuit is a tough translation for the big screen. I'm partial to her classic look, but I know that many find it ridiculous (as can be seen in a recent post on my own blog).

    The pants are OK. The jacket is a little too "sassy" for an Amazon.

  5. I think in the end, the popularity and acceptance of her new look is going to rest squarely on the strength or weakness of JMS' story. If he can tell an entertaining story that connects, then I don't see any problem as Don Kramer already demonstrated that he can make the costume look good on the page.