Wednesday, June 16, 2010


So just because I'm stuck at a trade show in Fort Wayne, Indiana for a couple of days doesn't mean that you should be denied your random blogging entertainment.

I'm therefore going to take the liberty of throwing up a filler post that's filled with filler pin-ups from Action Comics #600, which we're in the midst of reviewing.

First one up is courtesy of Linda Medley and Art Adams. I don't know that I'm familiar with Linda Medley at all, but you can definitely see the Adams influence in the inks.

Should we be worried that Batman looks creepier than The Creeper? You might wanna dial the happines back a notch, Bruce.

Showing his reverence for Superman, Jon Bogdanove gives us a nice looking pin-up three years before he would help launch the fourth ongoing Superman title.

I think that one is my favorite of the bunch.

I'm about to commit a bit of heresy here, but I'm just not a fan of Kevin Maguire's work.

People always rave about his ability to portray expressions and emotions in his faces, but they just strike me as overly posed.

Up next is a creator that, for me, is associated with just one character. Mike Zeck has done a ton of work over the years, but his Punisher mini-series captured the zeitgeist when it came out and really left an impression.

His Superman ain't nothing to sneeze at either, but even this shot instantly reminds me of that first Punisher cover.

Finally, we to get a creator who has never put in much time with Superman...Walter Simonson.

That's some good stuff, right there, and it makes me sad that we never got any sort of extended run on a Superman title from him.


  1. I've long associated Mike Zeck with Captain America (just because I have an issue signed by him) and GI Joe. His Snake Eyes/Storm Shadow covers were CLASSIC.

  2. My Cap back issues only go back to the late 80's, so I had no idea that he had a decent sized run on that title until you piqued my curiosity and googled it.

    Now I'm going to have to do a little searching at the next con I go to.