Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Terror through the ages...and yet more Superman!

It's late, but it's still Wednesday, so that means we still have time for another episode of Comic Book Days of Wednesdays Past before we make the next review pick.

The Randomizer has picked the first year for us to look at, and it's 1951!

So what were the kids reading 59 years ago? The 50's was such a wholesome decade that I'm sure it was something innocent and pure, something you could pick up at the five and dime back when you could actually pick something up for a nickel or a dime.

Well it only cost a dime, so I got that much right. Innocent and pure? When you're dealing with Adventures In Terror #3, maybe not so much.

Although, take a look at the lead story. Ghostly gloves?! No! Not the gloves! Anything but the gloves!

Don't worry about the full bodied apparition right in front of you, it's the gloves that are the real threat. I shouldn't joke however, as they beat out graveyards, haunted houses, and zombies to be the lead story. I better stop now before the inevitable Spinal Tap joke pops up.

The next stop in our trip through time is 1961! Will things be more or less terrifying at the dawn of the 60's than they were ten years prior?

At first glance, the cover to My Greatest Adventure #54 doesn't look all that scary.

Yeah, it's got crazy beasts and giant insects...but that's old hat by this time.

No, the really scary thing is that they actually had the cojones to acknowledge that evolution existed!! It's terrifying that kids from five decades ago were more scientifically literate than today's generation.

Oh well, now that I've thoroughly depressed myself let's get the Randomizer to give us a new completely random book to review from the old longboxes. Take it away, Randomizer...

...and that book is Superman: The Man Of Steel #96 from January 2000, published by DC Comics!

True to form, the Randomizer can't let a month go by without at least one Superman pick. This issue is actually from one of my favorite runs from the post death of Superman era. What was it about these particular issues that makes them stand out? Two words...

Doug. Mahnke.

It's funny, as no sooner had I published my previous review of the Hitman/Lobo issue drawn by Mahnke that I realized that I forgot to mention this Superman run. I was just going to give these issues a quick shout-out while talking about the awesome artwork of Doug Mahnke, but it had slipped my mind.

The Randomizer went and did me a solid, as it's giving me a whole review to devote to the pencils of Doug Mahnke on the title where I first noticed his work. See you in a day or two for the review.

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