Saturday, February 13, 2010

Real villain or decide!

Here's one of those classic Hostess Fruit Pie ads that I stumbled across while reading Superman #356 for our next review.

Now, I'm in no way a Flash historian or devotee, so I have no idea if the following villain is actually one of Flash's rogues or not.

I'm woefully behind in my listening of Tom vs. The Flash, which has been my only experience with old Flash stories to date. So far he hasn't made an appearance, but his crimes of bureaucracy could very well be waiting to be discovered on my iPod at any moment.

But what does that tell you about the wonderfully kooky state of his Rogues Gallery that this guy seems like a plausible addition to the roster?

A bureaucrat so evil that he covers the city with actual red tape!

I know these Hostess ads are supposed to be wacky, but tell me you can't see this happening in the pages of Flash proper.

The Bureauc-Rat!

Actual Flash Rogue or real fruit filling, pastry-fueled impostor?

You decide...

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