Friday, January 7, 2011

The straight truth about Sweet Tooth

Here's a quick update on yesterday's post where I brought up the observation that the cover for January's Sweet Tooth #17 looked like a negative image of the DC Iconic cover treatment that the rest of the DCU is getting this month.

Well, Jeff Lemire has a healthy presence of the internet here and here, so I figured why not just ask him.

Here was his reply...
Ha! I actually never thought of that, but that's a great observation...but a total coincidence. I did that cover long before I ever heard of DC's icon month. Thanks for the email!
So there you have it. A coincidence.

Still, I love the way that the universe manages some small level of synchronicity in its randomness. It's one of the things that makes doing a random blog so much fun.

Thanks to Jeff for the super-quick reply and interaction.

And in more Sweet Tooth.

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