Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday Synchronicity #5

If it's Saturday, and you're reading a new post around these parts, it must be another installment of Saturday Synchronicity.

Join me as we pay homage to this week's comics, by looking at whatever vague and tangential connection we can make with issues we've previously reviewed here at the Random Longbox.

  • So I'm sure everyone but me read The Avengers #1 this week. If you're still craving more of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, you can click over here to see John Romita Jr.'s previous take on them from the prior volume.

    Furthermore, if you read Age of Heroes #1 featuring the return of Kurt Busiek to the Marvel Universe, that same issue of The Avengers will get you a nice Busiek fix too!

  • Brightest Day #2 put the spotlight on Firestom, as Ronnie Raymond tries to take the mantle of douchiest superhero away from Tony Stark. Click over here to reminisce when Ronnie wasn't quite so nasty in his rebelliousness.

  • Finally, if you enjoyed the latest work from the "not heard from enough, in my opinion" Len Wein, then click here to read a classic Superman tale from thirtynine years ago that shows that the man has been consistent decade in, and decade out.
See you next week, for more random comic book shenanigans!

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