Monday, March 15, 2010

What are regular updates really good for anyway?

Hey everybody! I'm still here.

I've never let the blog go a week without adding a review or content before, so I apologize to all of you for letting your random expectations go unrealized.

I also apologize to Judge Dredd, for keeping him waiting.

As regular readers are probably aware, I've been waged in an battle of epic proportions in my basement/home office against the combined villainy of flooding, crooked contractors, and asbestos tile.

It's been a tough slog, and if my adventure was adapted into a summer crossover we'd probably be on issue #7 of 8.

My office is slowly coming back into shape, and I hope for regular posting to resume shortly. Thanks for your patience, and thanks for continuing to stop by.


  1. Hey TomO

    Just wanted to drop a line to say 'best of luck with getting your life (and by extension, this blog) back on track'. I'm particularly interested in your views on Judge Dredd. As a Brit, I always find it interesting, considering the sporadic publishing history in the US and the infamy of the film, to hear what overseas readers think of the UK's most prolific and long-lived adult comic book character. I look forward to your thoughts!

  2. Thanks for stopping by and offering some words of encouragement. My basement office is just about back to normal and I should be back on track now. If I ever have to lug another box or piece of furniture up and down my basement steps it'll be too soon.

    After I read your comment, I realized that I didn't know that much about the publishing history of Judge Dredd in his native country. That lead me to do a fair amount of wikipedia-ing which was pretty interesting. I had no idea that he was that big, and that he had pretty much started in 2000 A.D. from the get-go.

    If only I had the extra funds and the extra time, it would be kinda fun to try to track some of those early issues down!