Sunday, March 7, 2010

Fun with google searches and Judge Dredd too!

It's been a while since I took a look at some of the keywords that are used by readers to google into my site. It's quickly turned into one of the favorite aspects of my job here at the Random Longbox, so let's see what seemingly random and nonsensical searches brought you here.

Let's get the porn out of the way first.
  • "barbarian books" topless
  • "bare midriff"
  • erotic stories superman emasculated cock kent
The first one I can understand, since I actually did review a Conan book. I'll even understand the second, since it's possible that I may have mentioned the phrase "bare midriff" once or twice in referencing someone's costume.

That last one though, I don't know. I've said it before that I'm a Superman fan, but I don't know that I want to read (much less ever haven written about) erotic stories featuring him. I'm also trying to figure out if that's a Freudian slip with his name, or was someone looking for a porn movie parody?

And while we're on the subject, this one sounds bad but I'm too scared to punch it into my address bar...
  • beat my
This next one needs to be a real villain, if he's not already.
  • baron von anagram
Maybe for Encyclopedia Brown?

Finally, we got a couple comic book related ones that have me stumped.
  • batgirl conveyer belt furnace
  • robin conveyer belt furnace
Is there some small subsection of fan-fiction specializing in industrial material handling and recycling? Although, now that I think of it, with supervillains being as sadistically overly complicated as can be, any good death trap worth it's salt needs to have a conveyor belt feeding into a red hot furnace.

So let's get the next random book picked, in hopes that it'll lead to more keyword blog content in the future. Take it away Randomizer...

...and that book is Judge Dredd #16 from February 1985, published by Eagle Comics!

So it only took nine months for the Randomizer to finally pick a Judge Dredd book. This was one of the first books that I ever picked up that wasn't published by Marvel or DC. It's also one of those titles that I keep telling myself that I'm going to go back and reread, but never get around too.

The first two years of this title were filled with some truly outrageous stuff that I definitely wasn't getting in the mainstream stuff. Thankfully now, we have Garth Ennis to fill that niche. That makes me wonder if Garth Ennis has ever written a Judge Dredd story? It seems like an obvious fit to me, but maybe it's too obvious. He very well could've, as I haven't read a Judge Dredd book in probably 20 years.

So yeah, there wasn't a bad story in the first twentysome issues of this title. I'm not sure exactly how they reprinted the stories from their original publication in England, but I'm assuming they picked the best of the best first. It shows, and I'm looking forward to cracking one of these open again. See you in a day or two for the review.


  1. Hey TomO! Great idea you have for a site here! Been flipping through your reviews and it's really great stuff - look forward to seeing what the randomizer throws up next!

  2. Hey Dan!

    It's always cool when you hear something nice from someone who runs a site that I check on a daily basis.

    Thanks for stopping by and following the blog!