Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Homage Files

So I'm reading Superman (Vol. 2) #65 for the upcoming review, and I came across this nice looking splash page.

And as nice as that image is, it instantly reminds me of this one from Crisis On Infinite Earths #5.

George Perez is the undisputed master of massive super-hero group shots, and from looking at his shot here, it's easy to see why. The design work in that image is nothing short of amazing. From the angled perspective, to the circular border, to the varying levels of depth...there's something new to see each time you look at it.

That's reason enough that this image has stuck with me for the last twenty-five years, as there are plenty of iconic images that came from this series, but this one is one of my favorites. I had just started reading comics earlier the year and was mainly a Marvel guy, yet I vividly remember staring at this splash page again and again wondering just who everybody was.

Ahhh, to be a kid again.


  1. You know what it is about George? He can do a big giant group shot and have the characters interacting. No one looks out of place - no one. No one's able to do that, not even Phil Jimenez or Alex Ross. When it gets too big, there's always someone out of place. But not with George.

  2. It must be a blessing and a curse for George. He's recognized as a modern master with his ability to do the group shot second to none, but then it seems every project he gets handed to him these days seems to require it.

    I wonder if he ever gets tired of drawing them?