Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Future of the DCU

So I was honestly going to get the blog back on track today, as I'm over in Indianapolis for a couple of days on business. Usually, it's easy to get caught up and a couple of posts ahead of schedule while I'm stuck in a hotel room. Forgetting to pack your comic books, however, will put a stop to that.

Instead, let's take a quick look at the new solicitations for the DC reboot coming in September. I was curious to take a detailed look at the new books, and to see whether or not I'll be buying more or less books come September.

Strap yourselves in, as this is going to be a long one.


Grant Morrison telling the history of Superman and the cornerstone of the DC universe. This is the pick that holds the whole reboot together. Morrison definitely has the chops to pull it off, so I'm all in!

I took an in depth look at the Superman solicits specifically on my other blog, so be sure to check those out here.

STATUS: Pulled


The perennial western underdog survives the cut!

And to think, they're playing off of that notoriety by having Hex launch a western anthology.

It's good to see DC doubling down on good comics.

STATUS: Pulled


Here's a title that I wasn't expecting to see at all in the reboot, so it's inclusion is a pleasant surprise.

Jeff Lemire writing is an inspired choice, although I worry about him getting typecast as the go to "animal" guy.

STATUS: Pulled


Over the past year and a half, Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis have really sold me on Aquaman. I never had anything against the character, but never really had much passion for him either. Seeing both Johns and Reis together for this relaunch hopefully means DC is serious about pushing him as a major player.

The blurb sounds intriguing with Aquaman renouncing Atlantis, and the debut of a new adversarial group with the Trench. I just hope that Mera makes the post FlashPoint jump.

STATUS: Pulled


Here's a character that, in my opinion, didn't need fixing or a reboot. Oracle was a great character and the DCU is worse off for her loss.

But, DC managed to do the one thing that guarantees that I check this one out...they put Gail Simone on it. Her love for the character reinforces the fact that Barbara is in good hands and I'm in for the long haul.

Ardian Syaf has also progressed into a fine artist, so good vibes all around.

STATUS: Pulled


This here looks like a smart move to me, as Snyder seems to be getting the promotion to the head of the Bat-books while Morrison has his attention focused on a different corner of the DCU. Snyder has done nothing but good on Detective, so I look forward to seeing him handle Bruce on the main title.

Capullo seems like a good fit here, and it's nice to see a major talent with a reliable work ethic get the nod.

STATUS: Pulled


This is obviously someones idea of a joke, right?

How many issues of the previous volume did we get? Two? Three? And now they get a new number one? Really? And you expect me to support this decision? Really?

I'm sorry, but that bridge was burned a long time ago.

STATUS: Skipped


I was worried when the reboot announcement hit that that would mean the end of Damian Wayne, so I'm pleasantly surprised that's not the case.

Hopefully Tomasi and Gleason stick around for more than one storyarc. If they bail, then I'm probably gone too, as I'd like to see some consistency with this title. The creator shuffle at the end of the previous volume got to be too much.

STATUS: Pulled


I honestly have no idea what's going on here, but I guess Judd Winick and Ben Oliver must've made a hell of a pitch for this one.

Mild curiosity gives this title one chance to impress me, as the creative team has proven hit and miss in the past.

STATUS: First issue, and then we'll see.


I guess we can finally trust the solicitation this time?

The long awaited and long delayed Batwoman solo title finally makes its appearance. I guess the constant "here today, gone tomorrow" street date has stalled my desire for this title somewhat. I'll still read it, but I long ago stopped looking forward to this one.

On the bright side, JH Williams has had plenty of time to build up issues in the can.

STATUS: Pulled


I was a huge fan of this title from day one, and Simone definitely took ownership of this title during her time at the helm. This, on the other hand, is not the Birds of Prey that I'm familiar with.

My loyalty to the title gives Swierczynski and Saiz one story arc to get me fully on board, but from that cover I fear it's going to be a rough ride.

STATUS: Pulled for the first arc, then we'll see


I've never really much in the way of war comics, so the Blackhawks revival isn't doing much for me. The creators aren't people I'm familiar enough with, or a fan of, to take a shot on this one.

Maybe if I hear good things I'll take a look at this one digitally, four weeks behind.

STATUS: Skipped


Another pleasant surprise of a title I wasn't expecting to get another shot at. It's good to see DC not cutting loose all of their newer characters from the last ten years.

I'm interested to see what Tony Bedard does with the sci-fi aspects of the new Beetles origin, as it seems like a good fit to me. Ig Guara has a nice style that looks like it will meshly nicely as well.

Kudos, DC! I'm looking forward to this one.

STATUS: Pulled


This one here is really putting my proclamation that I'm going to buy every #1 issue in September to the test. Captain Atom I have no interest in, the luster has long since faded from J.T. Krul after his Blackest Night: Titans debut, and Freddie Williams III's digital style does nothing for me.

I'll probably pick up the first issue, but they're really going to have to knock my socks off for me to stick around.

STATUS: First issue, and then we'll see.


Judd Winick and Guillem March get one issue to impress me, as neither of their styles am I a huge fan of, especially March.

I really liked the Catwoman of Batman Incorporated, so I'm in to see where they're heading, but I'm gone if it's too bad girl for my taste.

STATUS: First issue, and then we'll see.


I love a good anthology title, so I'm all over this one. Brightest Day didn't do much to sell me on a Deadman book, and Paul Jenkins has yet to really write anything that knocked my socks off.

I'll still give it a shot, and I'm curious to see who they line up next. In all reality, I can't really see this one sticking around in today's marketplace. I wish they would have gone with a shorter initial storyarc, as five months seems an awful long time wait if Deadman's not your thing.

STATUS: Pulled


I have fond memories of Deathstroke's solo title from the 90's, so I'll definitely give this one a go.

Kyle Higgins seems to be getting all sorts of love from DC these days, and what I've read so far from him has been pretty decent. Hopefully we're seeing the rise of another go to writer in their stable.

Joe Bennet's kinda hit and miss with me, so hopefully this is one of the hits.

STATUS: Pulled


Paul Cornell + Jack Kirby + medieval madness = Instant pull!

STATUS: Pulled


The other main Bat-book sees Tony Daniel taking his writing and drawing talents across town over to Detective.

Nothing against Tony Daniel, but his style isn't necessarily my thing. And while I'm a fan of Batman, not enough to be a completest so I'm skipping this one.

STATUS: Skipped


This one I didn't see coming, as I had heard no inklings that Francis Manapul had the itch to start writing. And Brian Buccellato? The writing team is a real wild card on this one. It could go off the rails real fast, although from all that I've heard the delays of the last series did not lie with Manapul and Buccellato.

I'm game, but the first sign of trouble and I'm bailing. DC has made mangling Flash relaunches a bit of a cottage industry, and I'm not sticking around through another one.

STATUS: Pulled


I've been waiting for another Frankenstein title since the end of Seven Soldiers, so to see him getting an ongoing is awesome!

It's essentially Hellboy in the DCU, but I don't care. It's Frankenstein holding a Gatling gun! This is going to be good.

People better fucking buy this, because if I get less than a year before cancellation...I'm coming up swinging.

STATUS: Pulled


Another interesting and out of the blue creative team, with Gail Simone and Ethan Van Sciver teaming up for the writing. I'm intrigued, but their two styles sure sound like oil and water to me. Maybe one of them will be writing Ronnie and the other one writing Jason? That would be interesting.

Yildiray Cinar is a rising star, so here's hoping this will be his breakout book.

I've never really had that much affection for Firestorm, but the creative team has me excited enough to give this one a go.

STATUS: Pulled


I want to like a Green Arrow book, I really do, but I wonder if this is the one for me. The addition of Dan Jurgens on art probably puts this one in the pulled category. J.T. Krul gives me a moments pause, but I can probably find room for one of his books on my pull list.

That's a sharp looking cover, and I really like the costume redesign. I'm hopeful, but if the first story arc fizzles, then I'm out.

STATUS: First story arc, then we'll see.


If it ain't broke, it don't need fixin'.

The most consistently entertaining book on the market keeps its creative team intact. I'm good.

STATUS: Pulled


There's plenty of room in my pull list for two Green Lantern titles, and the fact that Peter Tomasi is back makes this an easy pull. Pasarin's an adequate penciller, but I'll miss Gleason's pencils.

I'll also miss Kyle hanging around with Guy, as John Stewart just doesn't do much for me. Still, I love me some good space opera, so this one stays pulled.

STATUS: Pulled


Tony Bedard and Tyler Kirkham have yet to really blow me away on the Green Lantern titles, but in all fairness to them, they came in right as Blackest Night was going strong. Here's hoping that this new start will do them some good, although their title will still be square in a post BN status quo.

I'll try this one, but with the other two GL titles hopefully going strong it's got a short leash to find its sea legs.

STATUS: Pulled


The first of two former WildC.A.T.S team members to score their own ongoing, and this one seems like a logical first attempt. DC's never been shy about giving villains a shot at an ongoing title, but they haven't really plumbed the vigilante role lately.

I've heard good things about Nathan Edondson, so sure, why not...we'll give this one a go.

STATUS: Pulled


As much as I want to read a Sterling Gates ongoing, I'm not so sure this is the one for me. Hawk and Dove are two of the blandest characters I know, and their starring role in Brightest Day did not do much to dissuade me of that opinion.

And Liefeld? I wish him all the best, but I've probably read all of the Liefeld comics that I ever wanted to read back in the 90's.

I guess I'll just wait around to see what title Gates lands on next.

STATUS: Skipped


Vampires in love.

I suppose somewhere there's a demographic for this title somewhere, but it ain't me.

STATUS: Skipped


Geoff Johns and Jim Lee? This one's a no-brainer. I'm in, and if you're restarting your superhero universe, what better way to do it than with two gentlemen whose super-hero cred is unmatched in the industry. The only question that remains is how soon before the monthly schedule goes off the rails.

STATUS: Pulled


I like the concept of a magic-based Justice League team, and this would seem to play to Peter Milligan's strengths, but titles like these never seem to last.

Mikal Janin's an unknown to me, so this is really up to Milligan to keep me on board. The first sign of bad-Milligan, and I'm probably bailing ahead of the eventual cancellation.

STATUS: Pulled


Here's a little corner of the DCU that I've never really had much time for. I wasn't much of a DC reader when the original "Bwa-Ha-Ha" JL was in its heyday. I've never gone back and reread them, and honestly? It's not really my cup of tea, so I doubt I ever will.

This is being helmed by Dan Jurgens and Aaron Lopresti, so I'll give it a look just on that basis. Add that together with the fact that its got Booster Gold and August General in Iron, and I'm in.

STATUS: Pulled, at least for the first arc.


I've never read the original Legion Lost, so I don't have an emotional attachment to the title, but I happen to believe there's definitely room for two legion books out there.

I suppose some Legion members in present day is the logical choice, but haven't we already told this story twice in the last four of five years?

But with Pete Woods on art? I'm doubly sold, so let's see what happens.

STATUS: Pulled


This would appear to be another case of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". Now, whether or not LOSH is broke is the big question. I happen to think it's been an exceptional title, but the recent sales would seem to think I'm one of the few who thinks so.

Either way, I'm glad that Levitz is still on board.

STATUS: Pulled


The second of the two war titles, and I'm doing the same thing as with the first.

Skipping, but if I hear good things I'll hook up with this digitally.

STATUS: Skipped


This title was a welcome surprise. I've been a JSA reader for the last 12 years, so it's good to see Mister Terrific getting some attention. It's a shame there's no JSA title with the reboot, but this is a nice consolation prize.

I'm unfamiliar with either member of the creative team, so this one is pulled on the strength of the character alone.

STATUS: Pulled


This one's a shame, as Dick Grayson as Batman was the first time that I really got into the character. His return to the Nightwing identity means that I'm probably skipping this one.

The fact that Eddy Barrows is on art doesn't help, as (fair or not) his art is too closely associated with the horrible Grounded storyarc and now it just instantly turns me off.

Maybe if I hear good things I'll go digital, but right now I'm passing.

STATUS: Skipped

O.M.A.C. #1

Why am I giddily looking forward to this title?

I have no idea.

Didio and Giffen doing Kirby. It could work. It probably won't, but it could.

STATUS: Pulled


Now here's a pick outta left field that has me intrigued. This is either going to be the best thing ever, or a total trainwreck.

I'm in either way to find out which way it goes.

At the very least, it'll look pretty with Rocafort on art.

STATUS: Pulled

If you asked me what Lantern Corp I'd like to see spun out into their own series, the Red Lantern's would've probably been at the bottom of the pack. The rage aspect of the spectrum just doesn't seem strong enough to carry a series, but we shall see.

I'll try this one out, but if the bad Milligan shows up I'm out.

STATUS: Pulled, for at least the first arc.


I have fond memories of this title from the nineties, but did I know I wanted this title back?

I'm not so sure.

I'll give it the first storyarc to see if the old magic is there, but if it ain't...

STATUS: Pulled, at least for the first arc.


Tony Daniel and Philip Tan, eh? I can't see me picking this one up. Nothing I've read from Daniel has really done anything for me, and Tan's work is not to my taste.

It's a shame, as I really liked the first couple of years of Hawkman stories in the JSA, and then in his solo title, but it's been a rocky road since then. I think maybe Brightest Day will be my coda with Hawkman for the foreseeable future.

STATUS: Skipped


I was a fan of the Milestone line of titles back in the 90's, but for whatever reason I've never read an issue of Static Shock.

Still, I hear nothing but good things about this hero. I suppose I've tried worse titles, so I'll give it at least the first issue and decide from there.

STATUS: Pulled for at least the first issue.


I was hoping that The Authority would find its way back to relevance during the reboot. Probably calling it Stormwatch takes some of the pressure off of it, so I got no problem there.

Having Paul Cornell and Martian Manhunter along for the ride makes me super excited to see where this title goes.

Another pleasant surprise.

STATUS: Pulled


So I guess this is our consolation prize for losing Secret Six?

In theory, I want this title, but I'm not too sure about the redesigns I'm seeing on the cover. King Shark is a hammerhead now? And is that Harley Quinn? Really?

I guess I'll give it a story arc to see where it goes.

STATUS: Pulled, at least for the first story arc.


Originally, I wasn't too kean on the fact that Scott Lobdell got handed three titles. A little hindsight and an interview later, and I'm coming around on at least two of 'em.

The fact that R.B. Silva is on board for art only helps.

I always like the clone aspect of his origin with his half Clark/half Lex DNA, so I'm looking forward to see how that plays out.

STATUS: Pulled


Of the four Superman family titles, this is the one that makes me the most nervous.

Are we really getting angry and alien Supergirl back again? After Gates and Igle did so much to humanize her?

At least it'll look good with Asrar on art, and that costume designe is growing on me.

STATUS: Pulled


Like Supergirl, the costume changes are starting to grow on me. Honestly, he could be running around in Spider-Man underoos, as long as Superman is in the fucking comic book! Seriously, let's just get back to telling some good Superman stories.

I'm so happy that Jesus Merino landed the gig as regular artist. I can't wait to see him tackle the man of steel on a regular, monthly basis.

STATUS: Pulled


Oh, hell yes!

This is one of the few creative team announcements that they hit a grand slam on. This title has a strong legacy to live up to, but Snyder is a writer that I have complete trust in. And Yanick Paquette on art is another inspired choice.

Look at that cover!

This right here is in the top three of the reboot titles that I'm looking forward to the most.

STATUS: Pulled


Here's the book that, rightly so, is getting its fair share of attention. Whether you like it or hate it, you can't deny that it got people talking about Teen Titans again.

Me? I think I'm falling into the "I'm not so sure" camp. Lobdell had about two hundred different past Titans to choose from, so I'm not sure we needed two more new ones. Plus Cassie as a theif? I don't know about that one.

It all seems a little needlessly extreme to me. Still, I'll probably give it a storyarc to convince me to stick around.

STATUS: Pulled, for at least the first arc.


While I'm happy to see the Wildstorm Universe finding a new home with the reboot, this title would not have been at the top of my list.

Still, I'll give Ron Marz and Sami Basri at least one issue to pull me in.

STATUS: Pulled for the first issue, and we'll see from there.


DC definitely can't be accused of playing it safe with this one. While Cliff Chang may seem like a no-brainer on art, Brian Azzarello writing is a real wild card. His superhero offerings have been hit and miss, so I'm desperately hoping this is one of the hits. Can these two recapture the Doctor 13: Architecture & Mortality magic? I'm hoping so.

As for Wonder Woman's costume? I like it, although I was a fan of the last redesign and this one's not much different. One thing I did notice on the cover was a lack of the lasso.

Wonder Woman versus the gods, with swords and arrows flying? How can I not hope this works.

STATUS: Pulled

Whew...my fingers are tired.

So what was the final tally?

Out of 52 new titles, this is how it breaks down...
  • 32 monthly pulls
  • 7 titles I'm on for at least the first arc
  • 5 titles I'll try at least the first issue of
  • 8 titles I'm skipping completely

That seems to be a fairly successfull relaunch, as far as my pull list is concerned. Looking back at the last couple of months, I was hovering around 25 DCU pulls.

September is going to be an interesting month. I can't wait!


  1. Nice run down! I think you've actually made me swap Hawkman for . 'Savage in the title doesn't really tell me the books going in a good direction, and Tony Daniel and I haven't really mixed in the past from a writing perspective.

    I agree LOSH has been brilliant, so hopefully that keeps on it's wicked path. Swamp Thing is a match made in heaven, Mr Terrific is about damn time, and I can't wait to see what Azzarello does with classic mythology and nazi's in Wonder Woman.

    But oddly enough the one I know I'm going to read first is O.MA.C. - I never thought I'd ever be saying that!!

  2. It's funny, as when these announcements were first starting to roll out, I wasn't too excited. I think I was focusing too much on a couple off odd things.

    Now, looking at the whole solicitations, I can't believe how many titles there are that I'm genuinely excited about...including some real curve balls like O.M.A.C.