Thursday, June 2, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Today marks the second birthday of The Random Longbox.

Yea! Woo hoo!

Unfortunately, 2011 has been a rather spotty year for posting so far.


So yeah, has it really been since February since I update the RL?

I guess so. Over the past few weeks, I've actually been thinking alot about this, and my responsibilities here.

I'm sure you can squarely lay most of the blame onto my newest blogging adventure, Superman 101, which coincidentally enough just happened to debut in February. It's a daily blog, and while the posts are nowhere near as involved as a post for this blog are, keeping up a daily schedule takes a bit of resources. Resources which are obviously not being applied here.

The other factor leading to my unintentional suspension of this blog, was that my posts started to feel like book reports. And doing book reports on a weekly basis started to feel too much like homework. Who wants to do homework when you're forty years old?

So I've been mulling it over for a way to resurrect the Random Longbox into a shorter, punchier, more agile blog, while still maintaining the core mission of rereading my collection one book at a time and completely at random.

Hopefully, I'll have nailed out the details in the coming months and be back on track. Unfortunately, I'm heading into my busy time for work which means a fair amount of travel over a half-dozen states. We'll see how these two conflicting responsibilities iron themselves out over the summer.

In the meantime, there's always Superman 101 to tide you over.

As always, thanks for stopping by and making the Random Longbox part of your internet experience...even when I had nothing to say for months at a time.

You readers are the best!


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